Criminal Defense Services

Comprehensive Criminal Defense Services: Leveraging Expertise to Safeguard Your Rights and Secure Your Future

Criminal Defense for a Wide Range of Charges


Violent Crimes

Helping you build a strong defense strategy that takes into account the unique circumstances of your case.

White Collar Crimes

Experienced in representing clients in white collar crime cases. We can help navigate the complexities of these cases.

Drug Possession

We help explore all possible defense strategies and can help negotiate for reduced charges or sentences.


We can help navigate both the criminal and administrative aspects of your DWI case.

Federal Crimes

We are experienced in representing clients in federal criminal cases and can help navigate the complexities of the federal criminal justice system.


We are experienced in representing clients accused of conspiracy charges and can help build a strong defense strategy.


Specializing in fraud defense, we use our expertise to challenge the allegations and strive for the best possible outcome.

Money Laundering

Skilled in handling complex money laundering cases, we work to develop an effective defense strategy tailored to your situation.

Sexual Assault

Offering compassionate and robust defense for those accused of sexual assault, we focus on building a strong, strategic defense.


We provide experienced representation for clients facing extradition, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the process.